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When you suffer an injury on someone else’s property or business due to the negligence of the property owner, 他或她是有责任的, 即使他或她没有直接参与事件. Any Phoenix premises liability lawyer will tell you that all public places should be clear of hazards. It is the property owner's duty to remove hazards and mark a dangerous area off as quickly as possible. 如果你在购物场所受伤, 公司可能要对你的受伤和事故负责. 这, 反过来, 意味着他们可能要承担你的医疗费用, 工资损失, 情感上的困难, and other expenses and damages associated with your accident and your recovery.


  1. 滑倒,尤指在 杂货店
  2. 狗咬
  3. 房屋固定装置掉下来砸到人
  4. 溺水 由于不适当的池安全性
  5. 攻击由于 疏忽的安全

在任何这些情况下, the owner of the property may be held liable 对于一个ny injuries that were sustained on the property. 有 expectations for safety that all customers should have when they are the patron of a business, 企业应该始终遵循这些预期. Negligence and poor maintenance of buildings and grounds are the top two reasons people fall when they are at work or out for the day. 造成这些事故的原因还有很多, but 丈夫 and 妻子的法律团队 has noticed that falls are more common with:

  • 不均匀的楼梯
  • 宽松的地毯
  • 地板很湿,没有警告标志
  • 无担保的扶手
  • 可怜的照明
  • 地上的碎片
  • 坑洞、草皮或缺少路面
  • 裂缝或 人行道不平整 或者一个走道
  • 缺乏警示信号



滑-and-fall injuries often include those to the spine, wrist, neck, head, and legs. 如果你在滑倒中受了重伤, 比如头部受伤或者骨折, working with a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that you get all the assistance you need when building a case to recover damages.

要求赔偿的决定最终是个人的决定. 在十大彩票游戏平台申请人身伤害索赔 既耗时又耗感情. 并不是所有的伤害都值得索赔, and we have seen far too many people "pushed" towards litigation on cases that are not worth the time, 努力, 能源, 或费用.

然而, 在哪里“划清界限”是一个艰难的决定, 得到我们经验丰富的意见也不会有什么坏处, 直截了当的凤凰十大彩票游戏平台. 如果你有值得追查的案子我们会告诉你的.



业主是否采取了合理的措施防止跌倒? 作为一个例子, if an employee was expected to maintain a particular area and did not, the jury will be more likely to decide that he or she knew of the dangerous conditions and acted negligently. Some questions that can help determine whether reasonable steps were followed include:

  • Were warning signs or barriers erected to keep visitors out of a hazardous area?
  • 该区域是否有足够的照明?
  • 之前是否有人因同样的危险而受伤?
  • Would removing the hazard have been simple and low-cost, or prolonged and costly?
  • Was it necessary for the hazardous condition to exist on the property?
  • 是员工还是老板造成了这种情况?



前提责任事故, 如滑倒而跌倒, 能让你的生活在瞬间发生翻天覆地的变化, 无论你受到的是暂时的还是永久性的伤害. Some of the most critical changes you may experience include the following:

  • 工作浪费的时间. Reports from the National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI) indicate that nearly one-quarter of all slip and fall accidents that happen annually leave the victim out of work 对于一个t least 31 days. 对许多人来说, 这可能是一个严重的问题, especially if you were hurt outside of work and are unable to pay bills during your recovery.
  • 漫长的复苏. 大多数滑倒和跌倒会导致骨折和其他类型的伤害. 这些伤口需要几周甚至几个月的时间才能愈合. 例如,一个 脚踝骨折 可能需要9周或更长的时间才能完全愈合, 使工作变得困难, 走, 运行, 锻炼, 上下楼梯, 做其他日常生活中必要的活动.
  • 死亡. It may be difficult to imagine that you could die from slipping and falling. 但如果你摔倒导致你的头撞到地面, 或者让你从楼梯或自动扶梯上摔下来, 死亡的可能性非常大.
  • 永久性残疾. 任何滑倒或跌倒事故都可能导致脊髓断裂, 使人衰弱的头部损伤, 或者是另一种永远无法完全愈合的伤害. Permanent disabilities may render you incapable of working and supporting your family, 照顾好自己和自己的需求, 过着正常的生活, 快乐的方式.

还记得, these are not the only negative impacts that may occur if you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, 在大多数情况下, your family will also experience significant losses and negative consequences.



首先, it is best to create a paper trail and make sure that your account of the accident is down on paper. 照片及有关详情(i.e., what caused the fall) and eyewitness accounts are important as well. If the slip-and-fall took place at a business, the owner may want a report filled out. Because Arizona state law does not require such a report, as experienced 凤凰人身伤害律师,我们建议你先征求你的律师的意见.



我在西夫韦超市滑倒在一种透明液体中. I had major trauma to my knee and required a ton of medical attention. 丈夫 and 妻子的法律团队, was caring and devoted from the moment I met with them.

- H.M.前客户



法律的局限性 that apply to any personal injury case, including premises liability. If your injury was due to a property defect, you may have two years to file a claim. 然而, 在某些情况下, 可能只有180天, depending on who the owner or property manager was at the time the injury occurred. Claims against government or public entities have an especially short window in which to file.



通常, 原告要求赔偿损失的工资, 医疗费用, 疼痛, 失去生活的乐趣, 和实付费用. 在某些情况下, the law may award plaintiffs so-called "punitive damages" to punish an especially egregiously property owner. 然而, 在十大彩票游戏平台, punitive damages only apply to slip-and-fall cases in rare circumstances, 房主或占有者用“邪恶的手和邪恶的心”行事.” An injury victim might also be able to seek compensation for property lost or damaged.

成为严重事故的受害者是具有破坏性的. 你可能要休假了, 限制运动, 以及医疗费用增加之外的其他不便. All of these things can cause a real hindrance to you and your loved ones.

在夫妻法律团队工作, you will work with a Phoenix premises liability lawyer who will fight for your rights and work hard to get you the compensation that you need and deserve. 今天打(602)457-6222免费咨询.




在一次 免费的咨询服务, 我们会看一下你案子的重要方面, 回答你的问题, 并清楚地解释你的合法权利和选择. 所有提交的文件都由马克布雷耶机密审查.



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